Exquisite Events was born out of a passion for creating breathtaking atmospheres. With over two decades of experience, our creative team of innovative over-achievers has perfected the art of blending decor and lighting to craft memorable moments. 

We know that each event is individual, and that’s why we work closely with our clients to tailor our decor to their needs. 

Whether it’s a dreamy wedding, a lively social gathering, or a sophisticated corporate fundraiser, we are here for you. 

Our Unique Approach

We take pride in our curated design process, which is centred on understanding your unique vision. Your event is an expression of your style, personality and aspirations, and we’re committed to bringing that vision to life. Our design team works closely with you to curate a personalized experience that captures the essence of your event.  


Who We Are

Exquisite Events was founded by Kelli DuBeau in the early 2000’s. Casey DeLeone joined her a few years later and they have been spearheading the company together ever since.

Kelli is known for her effervescent design passion and Casey with her meticulously focused yet warm demeanour. Together they are what some would call the perfect yin and yang team ― blending the creative with the organized.

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Our team is a unique blend of problem solvers, supportive shoulders to lean on, and professionals through it all.

The Team

Kelli DuBeau

Owner & President


Casey DeLeone

Partner & Vice President


Nancy Andrade

Director of Sales


Kevin O'Brien

Director Of Events


Nate Burgess

Warehouse Manager

Kayla Harrington


Sales Manager


Maggie Kimball

Sales Manager


James Northup

Event Manager


Adrian McCarthy-Tiella

Event Manager


Andrew McCarthy

Event Manager


Theo Elmore

Event Manager


The whole team truly made our wedding tent magical and provided that ‘WOW’ factor for our guests.

Client love

I am so happy that we added EE Decor to our vendor team. I truly believe that the items we added brought my dream to life.

Client love

The team was an absolute pleasure to work with! I still have guests talking about how beautifully decorated the tent was.

Client love